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I'm Julius Alvarado.

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Conceive it. Design it. Code it.
It's all just talk till the code runs

What I Build

Websites, Web Apps, User Experiences, & User Interfaces

Website Development

Web App Development

Graphic Design

User Experience


Julius Alvarado

Designer & Developer

Very Pretty Websites

AngularJS Web Applications

CSS3 Transitions and Animations

JavaScript powered sites and apps

Cutting Edge Real time Database for data

Hybrid UI / UX Designer

Graphic Designer

My Prior Work


An AngularJS UIUX site I developed from scratch

I have a colossal appetite for learning & building

  Spending hundreds upon hundreds of hours Building seemingly small websites and apps is what I am most passionate about. I find more of my time is spent studying code than writing code sometimes. What I've learned though, is that there is always way, way more to learn.

a design

Conceive & Mock up

I imagine various designs, study other people's designs, then duck tape together a quick mock up of the User Experience using Adobe Illustrator. Nothing fancy, just a simple layout with simple graphics, boxes and rectangles at this point

a design

Design the UI & Graphics

I'll then chose 1 of either 2 options. I'll design a very detailed prototype using the Adobe Creative Suite that looks exactly like the real site. Or I'll study someones else's awesome design then customize it via code.

a design

"Computer Programming" .start()

This is where 70%-90% of my time goes. I write the code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Sometime's I'll do a little PHP or C# coding to.

    When building websites & web apps I follow the same process. I design the UI & UX in Adobe Illustrator then I build it using a varierty of technologies such as HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, LESS/Sass/Stylus, Angular.JS & 3rd party AnguarJS libraries, Firebase Database, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Material Design, 3D Modeling via Blender3D, Animation (using CSS3, Adobe Software, & Blender3D), Git/GitHub, Gulp/Grunt, Yeoman, jQuery & 3rd party jQuery plugins, AJAX, Game Engines, Bootstrap, JetBrains WebStorm IDE, Express/Node, Mongoose/MongoDB, ASP.Net(C#), React.JS, Google Developer API's, D3.js, WebGL/OpenGL, Adobe After Effects, PHP/MySQL, and most importantly Vanilla JavaScript.

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